Afro Arabian Empire – Can Art Change the World?

Bringing peace to the world. That's the mission of the Afro Arabian Empire by Farook Mohammed.
9 Jan, 2023
Afro Arabian Empire Team


Afro Arabian Empire, founded by award-winning artist, Farook Mohammed, truly is the new gold of the art market. The artist’s passion for Pan-Africanism was inspired by his ancestral roots that trail the entire African continent and Europe. His work carries the message of unity as it tells
the story of the past, present and future of the Motherland, Africa. Afro Arabian Empire aspires to inspire global change with a general call to peace.

Can Art Change the World?

World Icon and late President Nelson Mandela once said „Artists can reach places further than any politician“ Today the Art World known as the playground of billionaires largely only talks about money and less about Art and its impact on society. Let’s face it many have tried over the years to highlight global issues and affect society. e.g. – Michael Jackson’s song „What have we done to the world“, Music band Blackeyed Peas also tried
to highlight war and conflict with a call to peace. It only ended up being tunes to dance to with hardly any effect on how society behaves.

Local South African Artist Farook Mohammed’s effort is highly ambitious but the question stands… „Can Art Change the World“ and the Answer is a Big Yes! It’s about taking back the power of Art and using it to bring about change in the world. Visual Art was heavily used in world war I and two for propaganda purposes to fuel the flames of war. It’s 2022 and we’re closer to a nuclear fallout between nations not seeing eye to eye. As an Artist
Farook aims to change that and silence the guns. With a major Art Exhibition coming up in March 2023 in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa.

The focus area of the Artworks is Pan-Africanist Art and on the theme of unity, peace, and prosperity for all. The Exhibition will be marketed globally by the team of the Afro Arabian Empire. The opening night of the Exhibition is an Exclusive Event like no other. The Artworks also aim to bridge the gap between the North and South of Africa and inspire people towards unity on the continent and throughout the world. The Exhibition aims to showcase all of Africa without excluding noone. It’s a combination of cultural expressions as one. Africa is diverse and you’ll find people from every part of the world in it.

Farook Mohammed – Afro Arabian Empire

The Team behind the project

The team was formed through the need to market the Exhibition and is comprised of Photographers, Videographers, Dancers, Musicians, PR and Marketing Interns with support from the Department of Arts and Culture, The Art Bank South Africa, National Museum Bloemfontein, Presidential Employment Stimulus, National Arts Council and endorsed by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality as well as by his and her Royal Highness, the king and queen of the Nama Royal House in the Republic of South Africa (who also have some of Farook’s work in their collection). Afro Arabian Empire is Farook’s brand and business. It now also has collaborative partners from DR Congo who will be working closely with him on Exhibition projects throughout Africa. There is great interest in their efforts on the continent with many more wanting to join their project on the same theme of unity and prosperity for all.

Future artists for the Afro Arabian Empire

For the exhibition projects to come there will be an open call for Artists and curators from different countries will head up the selection of Artists throughout Africa and the Diaspora. Each region will be tasked with putting its greatest talents forward

Conveying the message of peace

How the Artworks convey this message of peace and unity is through the combination of cultural expressions as one. It gets people to talk and as experienced with a recent Exhibition which took centre stage called „True Pan Africanism: A look into the future of Africa“ which was held at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum during the inaugural Mandela Bay Arts Festival in 2022. It caused renewed interest in Pan Africanist Art and inspired people to be more embracing of each other despite cultural differences.


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