Everything is more fun in pairs. The same applies to wineries. Building a partnership between two wineries creates promising opportunities. Three successful winemakers show how to partner up and why it’s a good idea. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before partnering up.

Schloss Frankenberg and Vergenoegd Löw

Schloss Frankenberg in Germany specializes in the production of fine white wine because of its northern location and weather conditions. In contrast, Vergenoegd Löw focuses on red wine due to its location in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Both import and export wines from another so that both have the chance to offer a complete wine portfolio with high-quality wines.

Stenner meets Vortman

Malenka Stenner runs Weingut Stenner. She took the initiative when the city council approached her to ask about a partnership with a winery from Haifa, Israel – the partner city of Mainz, Germany. This way she got in touch with Vortman Winery – an Israelian winemaker. They immediately got along and today they share their experience, organize visits, and expand their clientele.

Partner up!
Weingut Stenner with Vortman Winery

From Rheingau to Spain and Portugal

The winery „Georg Müller Stiftung“ from Germany even partners up with more than just one winery. This way they can increase their market reach and seize new opportunities. Selling their wines in Spanish hotels works very well. Also, they organize field trips to local wineries for German tourists – a great opportunity for all sides.

Foto: winters-wein-direkt.de

These are just a few examples that show the benefits of partnering up with a winery from a different location. There are a lot more benefits involved that can be seen in the short and long-run. Here are the three most important reasons to partner up.

1. Exchanging knowledge and experience

The diversity of the wine business is limitless. The more important is it to have a sparring partner and share knowledge. Especially when it comes to tasting the wines or deciding on which grape to plant next. Which is the best way to market the wines? Which grapes are trending? How do you cope with climate change? All these questions and many more can be discussed.

Wine Knowledge

2. Enriching your wine portfolio

A winery can not always plant all kinds of grapes due to climate and soil conditions. Nevertheless, there is a way to expand the wine portfolio by simply selling the wines of the partner winery. This complimentary solution helps both sides to sell more wine and most importantly meet the client’s needs.

Wine Portfolio

3. Exploring new markets

It is not always a piece of cake to tap new markets. Different prices, demands, wines and cultures await a new comer. Having an experienced partner makes the market entry much easier. One can rely on the experience and market the product right. Introductions to key players can be

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Partnering up gives also a great opportunity to travel the world. Who would not like to go on vacation to Bordeaux, Toscana, or Rioja? You meet new people and sometimes even receive a helping hand if the partner winery faces another climate.

Partner up! But choose wisely!

It is not always easy to find the perfect match. For a successful partnership it is important to keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Geographical location, climatical conditions, time difference
  • Language, cultural barriers
  • Personality, experience, and education
  • Size of the winery, diversity of wines, tradition, innovation
  • Philosophy
  • Target markets

If you want us to look for an eligible partner for your winery, feel free to contact us! We can put you in touch with ideal prospects. Simply send us an email to info@art-wine-mag.com. We are happy to help!

wine art

Also, there are always opportunities for a winery to partner up with art galleries and other companies. That topic will be addressed in the near future.